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13 Qualified<br>dentist
13 Qualified
98% Implant<br/>Success rate
98% Implant
Success rate
More than 10,000<br/>placed implants
More than 10,000
placed implants
Swiss IHDE<br/>implant
Swiss IHDE

Get back your confident smile within 5 working days

This patient underwent an extensive retoration. Unfortunatley none of her teeth could be saved. She had 30 extractions and received 17 implants on Monday! By Friday she got these teeth as the picture below illustrates, however that time she was still experiencing soreness she is now able to smile.
30 extractions
17 implants
Hollywood smile!

What's the benefit of this implant treatment?

Fast & affordable solution, no requiring bone graft or sinus lift
Pain free treatment, local anaesthetic & IV sedation & deep sedation
This Swiss implant system has a long term success rate of 98,2%
Long term solution
Less invasive treatment compared with conventional implant system
Fix teeth, avoid living with a removable denture
IMMEDIATELY applicable in nearly 99% of patients
Get back your confidence!

How can you receive the most affordable solution?

Just a few teeth are missing

Just a few teeth are missing

  • Do not wait for months for your teeth!
  • Have the teeth replacement within 5-7 working days!
  • Dental implant from £990
  • Teeth replacement even from zirconium!
  • Financial help!
UK Consultation and
treatment in London
My dental solution is more complicated...

My dental solution is more complicated...

  • Are you fed up with your removable denture?
  • Do you have unstable/mobile teeth?
  • Do you have a bad dental solution?
  • Full jaw restoration within 5 working days only for £5 900/jaw.
Hungary Consultation in London
treatment in Hungary

Before After, dental works you can expect

Full jaw restorationFull jaw restoration
Full jaw restoration
Hemorrhagic abnormalitiesKevés csont esetében is
Hemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalitiesHemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalities

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