• Do you have a crown or bridge?
  • Do you have inflamed, receding gum? Is the edge of the crown black?
  • You might have been to another dental clinic, where you were told that because of your metal allergy you cannot have a usual tooth replacement?

Our dental laboratory works with metal free special materials, which do not cause any allergies.

Call us and find out more about these materials and the reason why and how we can give you the joy of trouble-free chewing even if it has not been possible for you in the past because of your allergy. 


Usually, the base of a denture is some kind of metal, since chewing can cause such incredibly huge forces that other materials cannot bear theoretically for a long time. Our dental laboratory works with two metal free materials that are equal to our cobalt-chrome alloy frame both aesthetically and load capacity.

If aesthetics matters to you and you need to have your tooth replacement on your own teeth then zirconium is the best solution for that, since its material properties are 100% equal to the original tooth. Hence comparing it to a real tooth, it is quite impossible to tell which one is the denture and which one is the original tooth.

The revolutionary technique: BioHPP

There are only a few laboratories where this technology is available. It is not metal, but BioHPP is a Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) based thermoplastic material, which is very similar to the natural bone thanks to its flexible characteristic, hence it is suitable for bigger dental implant treatments.


Both zirconium and BioHPP are designed by a computer, and based on that design the dentures are carved by the computer for the maximum accuracy and the highest quality.

Call us or book in for a consultation to find out more about the metal free tooth replacement.

Soft laser against periodontal diseases

It is a very gentle treatment to stop the acute and chronic infections and also to maintain the level of periodontal diseases.

Not extraction is the first thing to do.

Our main aim is to keep all the teeth that can be saved, hence we are always looking for innovative technologies to ensure with their help the effective and possibly a pain free treatment for our patients.

That is exactly what Helbo does.

Laser treatment against bacteria.

During the Helbo treatment we colour the infected parts with a special blue paint, then we thoroughly and systematically light these areas with the Helbo soft laser. The light responsive particles react with the laser, generating an intense formation of oxygen, which kills the harmful bacteria in our mouth.

This treatment is completely pain free.

The soft laser has a proven record of decreasing the inflammation and helping the wound healing process. Moreover, it can treat not only problems in our mouth but on our skin as well, so it can be a great help in case of even herpes.

Helbo soft laser for the long-lasting result of dental implant treatment.

Helbo soft laser can not only help save the teeth, but it is specially recommended for peri-implantitis, which is a destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants. This type of laser treatment can decrease, stop and prevent the inflammation around the dental implants to ensure that the inserted implants could provide the ability of trouble-free chewing and speaking and last but not least the ability of cheerful laughter for a lifetime.


Implant within a week - how is it possible?

Implant within a week - how is it possible?

This Swiss or one-phase implant can be placed immediately in a more dense bone layer.
Taking advantage of implant placement in a deeper bone layer makes it possible to receive implants even for those who have been wearing dentures for ages or previously failed (dental implant treatment) owing to theire serve bone loss.

  • a faster
  • less invasive
  • and less expensive Swiss implant system

Book in for a consultation and find out how you could get final tooth replacement only within 5 working days.

Before After, dental works you can expect

Full jaw restorationFull jaw restoration
Full jaw restoration
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Hemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalitiesHemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalities

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