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  • Are you planning on replacing your missing teeth?
  • There are too many implant systems and you do not know which one would be the best solution for you?

Book in for a consultation and find out more about replacing missing teeth with the Swiss implant system.

Find out how you could get back your teeth with the IHDE implant system only within 5 working days.


Implant within a week. How is it possible?

Implant within a week. How is it possible?

This Swiss or one-phase implant can be placed immediately in a more dense bone layer.
Taking advantage of implant placement in a deeper bone layer makes it possible to receive implants even for those who have been wearing dentures for ages or previously failed (dental implant treatment) owing to theire serve bone loss.

  • a faster
  • less invasive
  • and less expensive Swiss implant system

If it makes a difference for you that a product is a Swiss quality and an original Swiss product, then you must be a person to whom the details really matter. Thus, high production standards, guaranteed market presence and long-term guarantee are important.

IHDE is a Swiss implant manufacturer, what was founded by Dr. Prof. Stefan Ihde, who is the inventor of the strategical implants.
The IHDE slogan: “For me implantology starts, where others have given up.

IHDE provides a long-term guarantee for its strategical implants that our clinic uses, and the manufacturer is in a direct connection with our dentists.

Contrary to many other implants, the usage of these IHDE implants are subject to internal exams and trainings, ensuring that our patients are only receiving implants from specialist who have been trained professionally.
Not only the dental surgeons attend these trainings, but  the prosthetic specialists, the assistants, and the patient coordinators as well, individually personalized to their own area.
During the worldwide professional forums, the world’s best dental surgeons can learn from each others cases.

High technology method during the production.
IHDE implants go under a special surface treatment, therefore the different contaminations cannot stick to the surface of the screws, which makes it suitable even for heavy smokers.

The success rate of the implantations is nearly 100%, which means that there is no such patients, even if he had lost an implant, that he could not get a fixed replacement.

IHDE implants are being used in 40 countries, and the system itself has more than 20 years of background.

Our clinic has been working with the IHDE system for nearly 10 years, and has changed thousands of patients’ lives by this. Be the next one!

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Full jaw restorationFull jaw restoration
Full jaw restoration
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Hemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalitiesHemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalities

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