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Before looking at our prices, please note that these are only informative prices. In order to get a treatment plan based on your dental situation, make sure that you book an appointment for a consultation.

Dental implant treatment

Implant (pcs) £550 + crown (pcs) £199 + other treatment.

Prices are much lower in Hungary than in the U.K., moreover we have our own dental laboratory, which guarantees the lower price and the quality at the same time as well.

  Typical UK Price Our price in Hungary
8-10 Swiss BCS-KOS implants/jaw 8x£2,000 (£16,000) /jaw £5,900 / jaw
12 unit bridge / jaw 12x£490 (£5,880) /jaw
Travel expenses: accomodation, return flights - £500
Total price of the treatment including the accomodation (The prices above include the full restoration of one jaw only!): £21,880 £6,400
  Total savings: £15,480(more than 60%)*
*including travel expenses

Book in for a consultation and find out how you could get final tooth replacement only within 5 working days.

Before After, dental works you can expect

Full jaw restorationFull jaw restoration
Full jaw restoration
Hemorrhagic abnormalitiesKevés csont esetében is
Hemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalitiesHemorrhagic abnormalities
Hemorrhagic abnormalities

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