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The patient lost his teeth at a very early age

The patient lost his teeth at a very early ageThe patient lost his teeth at a very early age

According to him the reason for it was the bad dental treatments he received, and because of that he had to live with removable dentures. He could not stand that he had to re-glue his dentures over and over again, and because of its mobility he lost his self-confidence as well. Speaking, laughing and chewing became problematic as well, so he started looking for a final solution.
He did not have enough bone for the conventional implant system, hence bone graft was recommended for him, but he wanted to avoid that.
“I was very happy about the 5-working days solution, which is not only quick but also painless and it neither requires bone graft. I got my life back!”

Sport accident

Sport accidentSport accident

Because of a sport accident that our patient had when she was young, the damaged teeth required root canal treatment at first, but later on it could not be saved so it had to be extracted.
The patient could deal with the removable denture for a while, but he could not really get used to it, so because of that she felt continuous frustration in his social life and work.
When she first read about the 5-working days system, he immediately got in touch and was very happy when it turned out that his treatment can be done easily by us.
Since then he feels as if she has never lost his teeth!

Problems with alcohol

Problems with alcoholProblems with alcohol

Our patient told us that he had a really difficult time in his life when he had problems with alcohol. This was another reason for his damaged teeth. Once his life was sorted, he wanted to solve his dental situation as well, so he looked for a quick and painless solution.

Periodontal gum disease

Periodontal gum diseasePeriodontal gum disease

The 35-year-old patient suffered from a severe periodontal gum disease without any of her fault. Because of this, her teeth became loose and because of chewing they shifted, which made her smile disfigured.
She works in tourism, so she has to speak to many people in person, which caused her bigger and bigger frustration. 
So she finally decided to solve her dental situation, but she was shocked by the price and the treatment that she could have had by the conventional implant system, so she started looking for other solutions.
She was very happy about the fact that she could get back her smile within 5 working days.
“The best thing about it was when I saw myself in the mirror. I got back my self-confidence immediately. I cried from happiness and I cannot describe the feeling, thank you.”

Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygienePoor oral hygiene

According to our young patient, her oral hygiene was not good enough which resulted in receding gum and dental problems that could only be solved by a radical solution.
All of her teeth had to be extracted and a full mouth restoration (both upper and lower jaw) restoration was necessary.
“I work as a waitress, and many times I had the feeling when people were laughing that it is about me because of my teeth. It was very uncomfortable. It is unbelievable that it only took 5 days to sort out the problem that I neglected for such a long time. I will take care of it.”

I couldn't eat anything

"There was no pain at all. Now I feel 100% better. I feel I can going out, I feel my smile got back. Because the denture I can not speak too much. "

I didn’t have very much confidence to smile

"It would be the best decision what you ever make in your life, it is life-changing!"

WI have dentures for the last 4 years on the top.

"Treatment was fine, I was aware what’s going on but I didn’t feel anything which was good. "

Didn’t have any permanent solution to my situation

"Just go for it, actually 5 days I had permanent teeth, so this was the best decision what I ever made."

It was strange to be without teeth

"The dentist was superb. The implant work’s pain has almost nothing."

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